January 30, 2010

Quick and Easy Omelettes

I often forget how easy these omelettes are to make. Tim loves Omelettes and I do not have the skills to flip it in the air and fold them over, etc...  This idea was emailed to me a couple of years ago, mom and I tried it and it was wonderful! I am not sure how everyone else does it, but here is how I do mine...
  1. Brown sausage and chop up. You can also use bacon or ham...
  2. Mix eggs (2 per person) and a little milk in a cup until well blended
  3. Open your ziplock bags and pour the egg mixture into each bag
  4. Add ingredients like, cheese, veggies, meat, etc...
  5. Close bag and squeeze mixture until you have all ingredients well blended with the egg mixture
  6. Once your water is boiling in your pot, place the bags in the boiling water for 11-13 minutes or until done. Just a note: you will see some moisture inside, but mostly from the cheese and eggs together.
  7. When you have cooked the Omelette, take it out of the water and cool bag for a couple of minutes and open/place on plate.
  8. Top with another sprinkle of cheese and add toast!
The possibilities are endless with these omelettes! Enjoy!

January 16, 2010

I'm Back...

I'm back and working on the blog! I missed a couple of months with the holidays and some of the things that happened in our lives. I hope to have fun, creative and new ideas for the new year ahead.

Posting fun stuff soon! Many Blessings...Misty