October 3, 2011

Monthly Menu

Recently, one of my household goals has been to create a Menu for an entire MONTH! This is a tough task to accomplish for many reasons (like pleasing everyone!). However, after actually looking at the dates and who has what when, I think I have finally got it. Now....this may change and may be totally chaos, but we ARE going to try it out! Here is what we are having this week, and this is only suppers as the boy is in school so me and the girl just eat lite breakfast and lunches!

  • Monday~Pigs in a Blanket
  • Tuesday~Buffalo chicken sandwiches, fries (trying a Zaxby's recipe)
  • Wednesday~Chilibeans, Cornbread
  • Thursday~Breakfast (Omelettes or Wraps)
  • Friday~Pizza Penne Bake
  • Saturday~Hamburgers, Ranch Potatoes
May I also mention that for the entire month, there are NO repeats and I hope to make enough each night to fill up the freezer for future "crazy nights" with the holiday seasons coming. I will also be trying a new way of doing ground beef....will let you know if it works! Have a blessed day everyone!