January 3, 2012

What is a minimalist and a simplistic?

When you define "minimalist", you always get results pertaining to politics. Then when you define simplistic, you just get referenced to simplism.

For the last few days and crossing over into the new year, these two words have been on my mind. As you know, we are a one income family by choice. How do we do it? We often ask that question when it comes time to pay the bills. Then I really sit and think about how little is required to live. You must have food, water, heat, power, and other essentials to maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, does it really take 45 pairs of shoes, 12 pairs of jeans, 25 purses, and chrome wheels. NO!

In the bible, it tells us not to lay up treasures on earth, but in Heaven. Through the recent passing of my father, I have learned so much! Even though my father had many treasures in Heaven, on earth, he left so much behind. I think about stuff he kept just simply because someone might need it! Truth was, often times....they did and they would come to him to get it! I have also learned that some of these worldly treasures cause strife, pain, and discort.

In an effort to create a minimalist and simplistic lifestyle, and no, not politically speaking. A few of my goals for our family this year is to just live simply and only have the minimal requirements of life. The bible teaches us that if we just have FAITH and TRUST God, he feeds the sparrows and he will feed us! We must use what God has given us wisely and for HIS glory.

Here is a few things on my list:

Homemade laundry soap, floor cleaner, and all purpose cleaner.
Homemade duster and swiffer pads
Repurpose clothing
Sew more for others
Clean out clean out clean out
Prepare meals and monthly plans ahead of time
Enjoy my children
Focus on the husband when he is home
End each day positive, and begin each day with a thankful heart

God Bless!